About Transactional Analysis

‘Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change.’

Transactional Analysis is an extremely powerful therapeutic approach, which is internationally recognised and utilised by both counsellors and psychotherapists. It is also used effectively within educational settings and for organisational development.

TA is a powerful method of intervention and treatment for a wide range of psychological issues, and an effective tool for enhancing personal growth and development.

The cornerstone of TA practice is mutual respect, the belief that people are born ‘okay’, and autonomy. Thus, everyone has the capacity to think and make their own decisions, which can ultimately be changed if desired.

TA work involves a collaborative relationship between client and therapist, where both parties are considered equal, and work towards achieving the client’s identified goals. The client will be encouraged to take responsiblity for their own growth and development through exercising their needs and wants within the context of the therapeutic process.

TA is a flexible approach that combines aspects of other modalities such as person-centred, psychodynamic, existential, cognitive behavioural, gestalt and traditional psychoanalysis.

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